4 Wheel Electric 1.5-3.5 tonne Lead Acid & Lithium-ion Counterbalance Forklifts


  • Various battery and charger options including Lithium-ion
  • 1500kg, 1800kg, 2000kg, 2500kg, 3000kg or 3500kg Capacity
  • Various Mast Options
  • Clear-view, Full Free Lift or Triplex Mast Options
  • Long Term Warranty
  • Ergonomically designed and easy to operate
  • 48V AC Electronic control system (80V AC Electronic control system on 3t / 3.5t)
  • 4 Wheel model for increased stability
  • Full Road Lights


HELI FB 15/18/20/25/30/35 AC-G

A very compact yet robust electric range suitable for both internal and external usage. Competitively priced and supplied with a long term warranty is a very popular model within our range.

Download: 1.5 – 2.5t 4-wheel electric brochure

Download: 3 – 3.5t 4-wheel electric brochure

Heli G3 Series 1 – 5 tonne 4 Wheel Electric Counterbalance Lithium-ion Forklifts

These highly efficient, new generation lithium-ion forklifts are smart, flexible to charge, easy to operate and they save energy (self discharging rate is lower than 1% per month plus a 95% energy conversion rate). They are also suitable for working in both high and low temperature environments and have a very low total running cost. Why not contact us now to find out more!

Download: Heli 1 – 3.5 tonne 4-wheel electric counterbalance Lithium-ion forklift brochure

Download: Heli 4 – 5 tonne 4 wheel electric counterbalance Lithium-ion forklift brochure